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Whether you are looking at revamping your current business or creating a unique brand for your new business, at Record to Cloud, we provide professional and creative services that are sure to exceed your expectations.


Here at Record To Cloud We are Committed to ensuring that your business stands uniquely different from the numerous competition in the ever expanding marketplace, we provide high quality website design and development services that are sure to attract prospects.

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Your customers are out there, but are you catching their attention? We will help you draw your ideal customers to your business, by providing you with high quality advertising and marketing techniques that are sure to help your business get the online presence and exposure it deserves!

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Much is done behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of your business and its survival, and guarantee its sustainable growth. Does your business have the necessary IT infrastructure needed to grow? At Record to Cloud, we have the experience, knowledge, and technical know-how to help you resolve all your company’s IT issues even before they become apparent.

With professional and expert support team that specializes in Tech and live on the Web, we support your business from the cloud and offer support to up to 150 users at a go! It is high time you put your business in capable hands, let us help you today!






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Mobile-Friendly Websites


In this age, most of your prospects are on their mobile phones! Is your website optimized to reach and capture these large pool of customers on mobile? At Record to Cloud, we provide you with attractive, professional, fast, and functional mobile-friendly websites, ensuring that you do not miss out on any leads. Apart from this, with our search engine optimized websites, you are always top of the pile for queries related to your services. Now your competitors will wonder why prospects see you first!

 Professional Services


We know it is a big decision committing your business to our care. As such, we are committed to providing you with on-time, trustworthy, high quality, and professional services. Our sole aim is to ensure the growth and expansion of your business, and we go about our business in such manner that aims to exceed your expectations!

High Value for Money


Business owners are bugged down by expensive IT solution, tech support, and marketing services that drill huge holes into their budget. What’s more, they do not end up getting the services their investments deserve. At Record to Cloud, we do not only provide extremely high value for money on our services, we also offer very competitive prices that blow the competition away! With high quality and professional services that you can afford, wouldn’t you rather choose us for all your business needs?

Happy Customers


Here At Record to Cloud, your satisfaction is our highest priority! Hence, this is the reason our Team are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations, and this has helped us post a high customer satisfaction rate. What’s more, our customers always come back to us and always recommend us to their others.Whatever your needs whether a new Web site or if your Facebook needs more likes , you can count on us! At Record To Cloud Happy Customers are our main Priority.

24/7 Customer Support


As your personal virtual assistant, our job is to provide adequate support for your business whenever it is required. As such, we have high quality, 24/7 customer support waiting to take care of your concerns, and provide all the support you need at any time of every day. Our Record To cloud team is here to help! 

Social Media Experts


Here at Record To Cloud our dedicated Social Media Experts are ready to get your brand out there . We understand the difficulties business’s face getting their name out there, this is why we have spent years perfecting the art of attracting a niche based audience with our dedicated Social Media Managers you can be sure that your Facebook,Twitter and Instagram will not only look good but we will help you Boost Sales. Contact Us today to see how our team can turn your business from Zero to Hero!