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Did you know the following tech issues can cause stress and fatigue? 


  • Outdated Infrastructure – Slow Laptops or Computers can decrease productivity.
  • A lack of support –  When a company has a high staff rate but low IT Support, this means employees may be waiting sometime to get IT Support even if the matter is urgent. 
  • Poor Security –  Inferior security or lack of security of data will cause stress as important documents may be leaked or lost due to cyber attack which can also lead to a loss of productivity and sales. 

How can Record To Cloud help prevent employee fatigue?


  • User Creation – Our Record To Cloud Team can help with Setting up Microsoft Outlook email  and windows 10 user profiles and all relevant applications needed for a new or current hire.
  • Computer Crashes – We can fix your computer crash issues in real-time and troubleshoot any hardware or software issues that may arise so no more random blue screens or random reboots!
  • Cyber Security – Our IT support team can work closely with HR to keep personal documents private . We can also keep your PC updated to protect you from Randsomware or malware. 

I am sure you know the benefit of having an IT Support Team on-site , but what makes the Record To Cloud IT Support Team Different?


Here at Record To Cloud we work from the cloud meaning we work in and out of the office providing 24/7 support for you and your company! 

What other IT Support Services does Record To Cloud Provide?


We provide hardware and software support for all devices including tablets, laptops and phones.

Our team will fix any software problems that may arise and we will keep your device up to date and you no longer have any issues with the following.

  • Outlook emails not sending
  • Recovery of Word and excel documents
  • Windows PC login Issues
  • No Sound on laptop
  • Printers errors
  • Random Blue Screen and computer crashes


At Record To Cloud we have you covered and you can BE HAPPY as we are your virtual online support Team!

How do i get Support?


Contact our Support team by clicking on the button below!

Why Choose Us ?

  • We Work from the cloud so you can be supported anywhere at anytime.
  • We work 24/7 so your devices is protected even while you sleep.
  • We are Mac and Windows Experts
  • We are certified technicians
  • We provide Home Support for family’s and businesses.
  • We can support up to 500 Users.
  • We can protect you from Ransomware and Malware