IT Support

Our team will provide you with the solution to all your IT Support needs. Our team has over 10 years of experience working on-site, remotely and in the cloud. We will help troubleshoot any hardware (RAM, Hard drive, monitor, USB ports etc.) and software (office, windows, sound, monitor etc.) issues that may arise and we will keep your PC up to date by installing windows, office and drivers. We provide IT support via remote support, this enables us to connect instantly, see the IT issues in real-time and proffer the necessary solution. 


PC Setup

When you buy a PC, it is not fully setup it is filled with bloatware (Bloatware is software you will never use or need) it also has mediocre anti-virus and is not configured for major updates e.g. security updates. Our team will have your PC running smoothly from day one by customizing your start up menu based on your needs, installing any software you require e.g. anti-virus, chrome, adobe and office. We will also set your default programs and answer any questions about your new PC. This will ensure that your PC runs smoothly from day one.

So, in any situation you need a PC support we would also help with software installations, printer setup, sharing, home network solutions, data management (backup) and lots more.

We would provide you with topnotch efficient and effective repair, support and development services.

Remote Support

Basically, remote support is just support when you need it.

We believe the best way to tackle a problem is to see it first hand, we will achieve this by using a secure and award winning remote support software. 

In just 5 effortless steps we will be able to connect to your PC remotely and securely. Once connected our team will begin working on your PC instantly. When the issue is resolved, our team will provide detailed feedback via email and we will also give you tips on what to do in future to prevent the issue from arising again.

back via email and we will also give you tips on what to do in future to prevent the issue from arising again.


Are your Email’s not sending? Is your mailbox full? Do you Need email setup on your phone? Our team will help you with all your emailing needs, including the Office 365. 

At Record to cloud we understand that email can be confusing and sometimes can be frustrating. Outsourcing your email will enable you focus on other developmental projects for your company.  

So, whether its home technical support you require or you need IT support for the office to get your emailing system up and running, we would be responsible for all including your web mails (which can get complicated at times). 

Virtual Assistant


We  can take any idea and make it in to a reality. My Team will Support You and Your business when you need us. Our Virtual Assistants will help you with your tasks and we can also help businesses grow .We build amazing eye catching websites at affordable prices .

We will generate a full SEO Plan and put the plan in to action. Our SEO action plan will carry out a site audit and analysis and show you what you need to do to rank the site and how to fix any issues.

We will boost you your online presence with Traffic, back-links, Keywords and Content writing.

Web Design

We understand everything it takes for you to run your website successfully; our team of professionals will provide you with affordable and effective web design packages. We deliver mobile responsive solutions on landing pages, websites, micro sites and web applications.

We have an expert content management team who will gather all the information needed and then our team of expert designers will create a fully functional website based on your needs.

We offer a wide range of colorful themes so you will be able to choose the look and feel of your website. Once the website is completed we offer extra services e.g. maintenance, upgrades and so on.

When it comes to web design, we don’t just offer affordable web design packages, we offer convenience, class, effectiveness and efficiency.


Virus and Spyware Removal

We will provide you with all the IT support you need to stay virus and spyware free at all times. We would help remove all software that are malicious using various tools and expertise we have acquired overtime; it could be difficult to know the level of threat your system is prone to (in most cases) so, we check always for vulnerabilities (could be emails, text, bots or even software). They can also be present on websites and downloadable files (photos videos and so on).

We will also setup a weekly scan on your PC based on your requirements, this will ensure that you will be fully protected from virus and spyware.

So, whether it’s a worm, virus, Trojan horse, spyware, scareware or even ransomware be sure to trust us with fixing up all the computer virus putting in mind how valuable and irreplaceable your data is.

Hardware Setup

Trust us to take you through all the IT technical support you need to get your PC running at an high performance level.

Is your PC battery draining? We’ll optimize your power management settings e.g. high performance or power saver to conserve energy and save money on your electric bills. We can also troubleshoot any battery drain issues that may arise. We will stop any unnecessary start up programs and services that are running in the background when your device boots. We also have the capability of analyzing your laptop battery to see exactly how much power it has lost. If needed we help you purchase a new battery, we will also show you how to insert your battery.